So smart…

I just had to brag a little.  So this morning I was typing my email and Supergirl was sitting on my lap asking to watch Manamana.  I was kind of ignoring her and she started saying, "Oh, oh, oh, oh."  Finally I stopped typing and said, what?  She then proceeded to start hitting the "O" key on the keyboard.  About this time Daddy-O walked in the room and I showed him what she was doing.  He asked her where A was and she didn't know so we showed her.  He then asked her where B was and she started hitting the B key.  He asked her where C was and she hit the C key.  That's about as far as we got, but that is 3 letters at 19 months, I think that's pretty good.  Then at lunch today her cup had the word NUBY on it.  Out of nowhere she pointed at it and said B (while pointing at B) and then Y (while pointing at Y).  She also pointed at the N and asked, "What is it?" So I told her.  Daddy-O says we are going to have a 5 year old court reporter.  Oh, the dreams we have for our children 🙂


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  1. Crissy
    Apr 17, 2006 @ 12:53:12

    so it sounds like she is going to be very smart just like her mom!!! hope you guys had a happy easter!


  2. Jacob Grace
    Apr 18, 2006 @ 00:25:19

    Ha, love the ‘Name the Plant’ game, thats pretty much hilarious! Uh, well your little blogs that you leave make me feel so undereducated, so it would be nice if you returned to your roots and threw a lil hick slang in there ever now and then huh? lol, Anyway, miss you guys and hopefully I’ll get to see you sometime soon!!


  3. Tom Smith
    Apr 18, 2006 @ 10:16:16

    What was that game where you had to repeat a pattern of colored lights that added one to the pattern each time? Sounds to me like you spend a lot of time at the computer keyboard, but I always knew that Savannah was a whiz kid. Too young for touch typing though, we don’t want to set a record for youngest kid to develop carpal-tunnel syndrome.


  4. findingbabyg
    Apr 18, 2006 @ 10:46:32

    Dad, the game is Simon. And I do spend a LITTLE too much time at the computer (like right now)


  5. Chris Bradburn
    Apr 21, 2006 @ 09:26:04

    Hmm. 3 letters over 19 months, that means roughly 1 letter every 6 1/3 months. Sounds like she should have the whole alphabet mastered just before she turns 14. I think she is on pace to beat Michael.


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