No internet?!?!

Well, our modem got knocked out by a storm on Monday night, so we have been without the internet since that time.  Yes, it has been very hard.  However, we returned the modem to the cable company and received a new one in a suprisingly pain-free process.  We mailed our fingerprints to the FBI today.  That should be up to a 6-8 week process to find out if we are criminals or not.  The social worker that is supposed to be doing our homestudy is apparently going to be gone for 'a few weeks.'  They are going to have a meeting this week to decide what to do with her caseload.  I guess it's a good thing we're not in a hurry.

Oh, I got to ride the bus home with the kids after work today.  I was worried about them throwing things off the bus, but apparently I should have been a little more concerned about things being thrown INTO the bus.  After several water balloons, a water gun, a full cup of water, and more water gun I finally made it back to my car.  No, this did not all occur at the same stop.  Thank goodness I only have to ride once, my turn is over.  My only advise is:  When riding a school bus-ALWAYS roll up the window…


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