Visit #2…

Well, we are done.  No more homestudy visits.  Supergirl behaved much better this time.  Besides drawing all over SW's notes and removing all paperclips she could find, she was a little angel.  It was a big relief.

In other news, sometimes the only way I can get Supergirl to get in the bathtub is to bribe her.  The only bribe that works is offering to paint her toenails.  Yesterday, Daddy-O did the painting and she was actually giddy.  She giggled the entire time.  He even put cotton balls between her toes, which she thought was the coolest thing in the world.  Even now if you ask if her toes are so pretty she starts giggling as she shows you.  She is such a girl!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenn
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 10:43:40

    Look at those sweet baby toes! I’ve contemplated painting Bella’s as bribery as well but I think her dad would pass out if I painted them.

    Funny how friggin conservative he is now that HE has a daughter 🙂


  2. findingbabyg
    Jun 09, 2006 @ 22:26:45

    Jenn, Daddy-O has gone toe-painting crazy. It’s kind of their ‘thing.’ He has even let her paint his toes…


  3. abebech
    Jun 10, 2006 @ 20:48:52

    Love those toes!
    Sounds like your visits went really well! When asked what he likes to do with daddy, ds said “play with swords and guns, eat pancakes and play videogames.” The first two we don’t do, the second we do in moderation, and the last was, at that time, wishful thinking. SO drawing on her tablet sounds great!


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