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It’s after 11:00 and I just now put our sheets in the dryer (yes, we only have 1 set of sheets, we are pathetic).  So now I am sitting here with time to kill.  So I thought I would just make a list of my random thoughts…

I am ready to get to work on our dossier, hopefully we will get the paperwork late this week or next and we can finally get started.  As of now I am truly thinking (hoping) we will have our baby here next spring, a referral by Christmas would be wonderful but who really knows.  I talk to Supergirl a lot about her baby brother, she’s going to be really confused if by some freak chance we get a referral for a girl!  Daddy-O bought her a giraffe from Ethiopia and I told her that her baby brother sent it to her.  She carried it around the house all morning introducing it to all of her other stuffed animals.  It particularly liked the elephant and now the two travel as a pair.

Daddy-O and I have been talking a lot about our plans for the future, aka ‘when am I going to get a real job.’  This talk seems to go hand in hand with the ‘just how many kids are we going to have’ talk.  Right now I am working, but usually only 12 hours/week.  This is great for now, but someday I will actually have to start working a little more.  The biggest problem is I still have no idea what I want to do and in the field of social work the job opportunities are extremely diverse.  Obviously I would like something with a flexible schedule that pays more so I can work less (who doesn’t).  Unfortunately this job has yet to throw itself at me.  So for now, 12 hours per week works just fine and will continue to work fine until Baby has been here for a good while.

I guess that’s all I got tonight, I just really would like to go to bed.  Maybe I’ll sleep sheetless…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fizzle
    Jun 27, 2006 @ 09:36:19

    …the beauty of trying to find the right kind of employment.

    Did you guys specify boy, or not specify gender at all? As first time parents with our agency, there is no gender selection, so I, too, am counting on a boy.


  2. findingbabyg
    Jun 27, 2006 @ 09:56:39

    We did not specify a gender so I am definitely anticipating a boy with everyone waiting for a girl.


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