I ripped this off from Danielle, who apparently ripped it off from someone else 🙂 

Accent: Oklahoma? a lot of yup and ya’ll, fixin’ to and Daddy-O’s personal favorite ‘peench’
Bed I Sleep In: A wonderful soft king-sized mattress & frame 🙂 (no bed), that is NEVER made!

Chore I Don’t Care For: Probably laundry, because that’s what I seem to do the most of
Dog or Cat: Dogs, Oprah (a big white lovable fluff ball) and Jackson (the gross ‘mentally challenged’ one who loves to eat his own poo) (Winfrey has gone to the great blue yonder). No cats, cats have never ever liked me.
Essential Electronics: Computer, and IPOD when I am cleaning
Favorite Perfume: Never been a big perfume fan, don’t think I own any
Gold or Silver: Silver
Handbag I Carry Most Often: A sad looking Dickie’s bag that has seen better days, I keep talking about getting a new one, but it’s obviously not too high on my priority list
Insomnia: Never, I fall asleep at the drop of a hat and can sleep through anything…including my dad shooting at coyotes off our front porch (just ask him)…and Daddy-O’s fire pager…and Daddy-O getting out of bed, getting dressed, telling me goodbye, and leaving to go to a fire…and even Daddy-O’s return to bed after heroically extinguishing the fire 🙂
Job Title: Social worker, though right now I am officially a ‘classroom assistant’ in my extremely part-time job
Kids: Yes, one ‘two-in-September’ beautiful, beautiful little girl at home and one more on the way (in a paper-work sort of way)
Living Arrangement: The three of us and our doggies in lovely Illinois.  Where right now it is VERY hot and our grass is crunchy.
Most Admirable Trait: Loving everyone
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Lying
Overnight Hospital Stays: Cat Scratch Fever when I was 3 or 4 (I told you cats didn’t like me), and Childbirth with Supergirl
Phobias: Spiders (lame, I know) and lightning (only when I am outside)
Quote: In this world we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love (Mother Teresa)
Religion: Christian, I go to a Methodist Church.
Siblings: One older brother, Sam, and a younger (7 year old) brother, Nathaniel
Time I Wake Up: Whenever Supergirl gets up, lately 8:30 or 9:00
Unusual Talent or Skill: wow, I am really lame, I’ve got nothing here…
Veggie I Refuse to Eat:  There’s a lot, I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl, probably peppers and raw onions, I’m not a big fan of the crunch.
Worst Habits: Always being stressed out over nothing, I’m always worried about the stupid little things.
Yummy Stuff I Cook: HA! I’d have to let Daddy-O answer this one, although I have a feeling I already know the answer
Zoo Animals I Like Most: Definitely the Great Apes, particularly the Gorillas.  Remember the Dianne Fossey dream.

I Am: wondering if that was the tornado siren I just heard (yes it is) and if that should be concerning me…

I Want: my family to be happy
I Have: The bestest ever husband and baby girl.
I Wish: I had a magic wand…
I Hate: cigarette smoke

I Miss: My family, it is very hard for me to live so far away from them!
I Hear: sirens…

I wonder: What my children will be like as adults
I Regret: not driving more carefully
I Am Not: a picture of fashion
I Dance:  a lot, by myself, although I am getting Supergirl in on the action
I Sing: embarrasingly bad, but often in the car
I Cry: at commercials
I Am Not Always: in a good mood
I Make With My Hands: not much right now, although I can crochet a little
I Journal: here 🙂 and sometimes in a book
I Confuse: my ideal version of reality with what we’ve really got
I Need: some friends
I Should: be watching the weather, or heading for a lower interior room, preferably the basement
I Start: Lots of stuff!
I Finish: Some stuff…


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Crissy
    Jul 19, 2006 @ 20:19:09

    i like this…could i steal this from you? oh…i’m happy to know that i’m not the only one in the world that cries at a commerical!


  2. Bob
    Jul 19, 2006 @ 22:24:27

    Accent? you have an accent? I never noticed 🙂


  3. Danielle
    Jul 20, 2006 @ 11:10:27

    I love that you have a dog named Oprah. And I want a magic wand, too. And I also cry at commercials. SEE, this is why we should be friends. Hope you successfully evaded the tornado! EEK!


  4. fizzle
    Jul 20, 2006 @ 21:06:58

    Yay! This rocks. Altho I don’t cry at commercials, but I have become strangely sentimental these days. What happened to the callousness of youth?

    I didn’t know you lived in Illinois! I lived in Chicago for three years….

    One day, we bloggers of Ethiopian adoption will meet somewhere in the country and chat about all our lists of things to talk about!


  5. Serendipity
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 21:34:04

    No electricity? In Texas we’ll be wilted at the very best, and dead at the worst. Yeah, what could be worse than dead?

    Enjoy your family. Have a blast!

    How did you lost your electricity anyway?


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