Search Me

Interesting searches that have led others to me this week:

‘baby chimpanzees for adoption’–I know absolutely nothing about this, I don’t really think it’s a great idea thought

‘things to do with under twos’–where to start…hey, I got one-Let them watch Wonderpets!!!

‘stressed out over birthday party’–This one sort of stressed me out.  Supergirl’s b-day is just a few weeks away, and I am definitely NOT stressed out about it…Should I be?

‘well holy hell’–I agree

‘why is adopting a baby so expensive’–heck if I know…

‘being ripped off in an adoption process’–thank goodness I know nothing about this!

‘a baby getting picked up by a tornado’–or this, except I used to live in Oklahoma and I very destinctly remember a story about this after the big tornado in OKC

‘wonderpets cow’ ‘wonderpets kitten’ ‘wonderpets unicorn’ ‘wonderpets party’–

Apparently I am pretty popular with the wonderpets crowd right now.


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