We made it!!!

Our dossier was shipped to Ethiopia today!!  We are now actually on the list!!  Somewhere out there are our names, at the bottom of a list, ready to begin the long journey upwards.  This makes me very happy!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blaine
    Sep 08, 2006 @ 14:24:40

    Congrats! It makes me happy too. 8^)


  2. Anne
    Sep 08, 2006 @ 20:42:48

    Oh, that’s wonderful — congratulations! It’s definitely a day to remember!


  3. Crissy
    Sep 08, 2006 @ 20:53:54

    i’m very happy for you too!


  4. bek
    Sep 09, 2006 @ 11:35:15

    This is a red letter day!! How exciting for your little family.

    The courts open soon and that means they can move out some of the kids and you will have a name and a face before you know it.

    Last night at dinner I saw a little family and they looked really AFrican. I had the two little ones with me and so they asked about the kids. Turns out they were from Ethiopia (I knew it) and were visiting at STanford. It made me sad that we aren’t doing this part anymore. Maybe next time…..


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