1.  This week I had my first ever meeting with a fellow blogger.  I met Minow and his mommy from over at Family Found.  Fortunately for us she was not secretly a Dateline predator…  Minow is definitely one of the happiest and most handsome babies I have seen.  It was nice to have someone to ask my 5000 adoption questions, and she patiently answered them all.  Supergirl had to show Minow all of her toys, and kept saying “He have a head.”  I guess she was not expecting that…  Hopefully we can do it again soon, although it did make me that much more ready to get this wait over with.

2.  Daddy-O and I had the good fortune to take some kids to see Cirque De Soleil this week.  Apparently they are very good about working with (and giving tickets to) at-risk youth.  It was an awesome show and we all had a LOT of fun.  We didn’t let Supergirl go, maybe next time.

3.  Today Supergirl had her very first Build-A-Bear experience.  She made a penguin, named Emma, who apparently is a ballerina.

4.  Supergirl’s choice of bedtime stories this week:  Honeybunny Funnybunny by Marilyn Sadler and When Sophie Gets Angry; Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang

5.  We go to Oklahoma in 9 days.  Yay!!!!

6.  Oh yes, and still not word on when the Ethiopian Courts will reopen.  Hopefully very soon!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MomSquared
    Oct 07, 2006 @ 22:11:21

    He has a head! LOL!!

    OK? Come see us!


  2. bek
    Oct 08, 2006 @ 19:51:52

    I just read about Minnow on his blog…that is so fun. I read both of you so it is fun to see the circle widen….

    No word on court openings, eh? So frustrating….

    He has a head? That is so funny. I wonder what is going on in their little heads sometimes…


  3. Anne
    Oct 10, 2006 @ 04:58:58

    I agree that Mr. Minnow is a very handsome little guy…especially his head!


  4. Shoshana
    Oct 12, 2006 @ 03:28:46

    That sounds fun…I haven’t met a blogger yet whom I hadn’t known before


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