A trip home

We just returned from our long overdue trip to see my family.  It was a great week with as much visiting as possible squeezed in (maybe next time we’ll try to slow it down a bit).  Supergirl was able to see her Grandma and Papa and uncles and aunts and cousins and great grandmas and great grandpa.  LOTS of family, and yet, we still didn’t see a lot of them.  All Supergirl cared about was going to her Uncle Sam’s house to ride the horse.  Which she did.  That is heaven for her!!!
Oklahoma October 2006 004
Oklahoma October 2006 014
Oklahoma October 2006 018
We also tried to get some pics of Supergirl and her uncle and cousins…this is the best we could get…(the one on the far left is my younger brother, all the rest are my older brother’s kids)
Oklahoma October 2006 027


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bek
    Oct 23, 2006 @ 23:54:15

    LOVE the pictures!! I remember seeing an E mail w/ your password (didn’t I, am I making that up?) but I can’t find it now (if I am indeed not making it up). Is the password protected stuff just for your family?

    Just curious…… 🙂


  2. MomSquared
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 09:46:28

    Wow!! Amazing!!

    Those pictures are great, I think my kids would be freaking out on a horse!


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