I have been in a major funk lately.  I, along with everyone I interact with, am starting to get tired of it.  Until today, I have not really been able to figure out where this funk came from, or why it won’t go away.  As of today I think I have this figured out (at least for now).  It is because life (at least in my small corner of the world) is incredibly out of balance right now.  In life crappy things happen, death, sickness, general unhappiness–but these are often met with the brighter side of life; weddings, new babies, graduations, etc, etc.  I have a rather large extended family, so there are enough people to really balance things out, something bad happens/something good happens.

Since around July this has not been the case.  Bad things just seem to keep piling up with nothing to counteract the general yuckiness left behind.  Death, divorce, extreme illness, extreme unhappiness have all been present lately, with no weddings, no new babies, no graduations…  None of this has happened to me personally, my life is just peachy.  Even to my immediate family, we are all fine.  It is extended family members and dear friends that are suffering so much.  And I can do nothing.  I just sit here and watch and do nothing.  I am feeling helpless, and useless, and in desperate need of some brightness.  This in no way means I have a crappy life.  I have a wonderful life, with nothing to complain about- which I guess is part of what makes it so hard to watch those I love go through such misery.

So now that I have identified the problem I am now looking for the solution.  So, if you are reading this, and you know me; Get married!  Have a baby!  Graduate, for heaven’s sake!!!


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  1. Shoshana
    Nov 12, 2006 @ 21:49:24

    Sorry…I’m already married, fresh out of ovaries, and graduated!

    Recognizing you have a problem is a great step towards solution.

    ahem…above sentence is voiced-over by a G-dly voice. 😛

    I don’t think I can recognize a funk or depression, not if it hits me on the face…incidentally, I’m working on that very same blog as we speak. Don’t know if I ever will post it though. 🙂


  2. hosejockey34
    Nov 13, 2006 @ 23:45:27

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing fine with parenting, and caring about your friends and family. Sounds like you feel like you are at a low point right now. You are not alone.


  3. bek
    Nov 14, 2006 @ 14:17:37

    Waiting is the hardest part. Really. When you are in a “hard” cycle that can make it worse.

    Let’s see, no babies (please!!!), not graduating anytime soon, but I did learn how to make a really cool origami thing yesterday………… 🙂


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