One State Two State Red State Blue State

I don’t write about politics, I simply don’t know enough to just throw my opinion around.  In no way does this mean I don’t have my own opinions, I just don’t have enough hard facts to back it up in a debate (which I feel is important).  However, I do want to say I am excited about the upcoming election.  More so than any election I’ve witnessed.  I grew up not caring too much about politics, the government, etc.  I never even voted until after Supergirl was born.  Funny how having a child broadens your view.  Makes you think a little more about the bigger picture, the future.  I voted in the last presidential election and will definitely be voting in the next.  I have even gone so far as to join a candidates ‘online’ group or forum, or whatever they are calling them.  So far I like what I see and may even be willing to volunteer for the campaign.  What I am NOT looking forward to is the inevitable mud-slinging.  The commercials that so annoyingly report on the ‘bad behaviors and dec$$isions’ made by the competition and completely neglect to tell me what the candidate who ‘approved this message’ has to offer me.  By election day I end up disliking ALL choices.  For now, I honestly could not tell you who I would vote for.  I know who I ‘like’ the best, but now it is their turn to convince me.   Time to earn my vote.  Let the games begin!


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