All I Really Need To Know I Learned on Nick Jr

At least that’s Supergirl’s version of life right now.  I am embarrased at just how much she has learned from watching tv.  It would appear that is ALL she ever does.  That’s really not true, but you would not know that by talking to her.  Not too long ago she told me her first knock-knock joke:

SG:  Knock-knock

ME (very surprised and confused as we have never taught her a knock-knock joke, or heard her tell a knock-knock joke–this was completely out of the blue):   Who’s there?

SG:  Banana.

ME: Banana who?

SG: Knock-knock

Me: Who’s there?

SG:  Orange. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It took a week before she finally told me she learned that joke from the Backyardigans.  Tonight she informed me that a Chinchilla has big ears and big eyes.  She can identify an amazing number of animals and imitate the sounds they make; humpback whales, scarlet mccaw, red-eyed tree frogs, macaroni penguins, llamas, and many others.  She can memorize a sequence of things (from Dora), she knows many songs.  It is on the verge of ridiculous, and it makes it hard to argue she should watch NO tv.  Granted, I totally agree there should be MAJOR limits on tv time, but seriously, I don’t think she has been damaged by Nick Jr. 

Oh, and she is also quickly becoming the dinosaur nerd (there’s one in every class right?).  She insists we read the ‘dinosaur book’ every night, which I find extremely dull–it is just a bunch of ‘dinosaur facts.’  She LOVES the T-Rex, triceratops, barosaurus, iguanadon, and steg-o-saurus.  She pronounces that last one with a very long and exagerated Oh.  Very cute.  In fact, the other night, she pointed out the steg-o-saurus and said ‘mom, I want to count the steg-o’s’ which are apparently the plates on his back.  Have I mentioned how cute she is? 

I am taking her to work with me tomorrow, to the office.  Only for half a day, but it will be interesting, we’re packing a suitcase of ‘stuff’ to take with us.  Hopefully I won’t lose my job 🙂


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  1. Shannon
    Mar 13, 2007 @ 22:45:46

    Too funny! I am always attributing my daughter’s knowledge to the Montessori tuition we are forking out…never fails that she actually learned it on Little Einsteins!


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