A world away

All along I figured the wait between referral and travel would be the hardest.  The part where we have a son, we know his name, his face, but we can’t quite reach him.  We can’t hug him and hold him and read to him.  We can’t hold him if he’s sick, rock him when he’s tired, play with him when he’s awake.  We just wait, and think about him constantly.  I have actually been holding up amazingly well the first few weeks (it’s been 3), but now I’m starting to weaken.  I am finding myself obsessing about a travel group.  What group will we be in, when will they let us know.  About how the court date will go (please God let it go smoothly).  About whether he is sick (word is chicken pox is making the rounds again).  I just would like someone, somewhere to throw me a bone here.  Hopefully I will be ultra busy the next few weeks and months.  But a few bits of info in the meantime would really help get us from here to there.  I put out a plea on our agency’s listserve today for anyone who is traveling soon to please please check on him.  And someone already told me they would!  I definitely will do everything I can to give reports to everyone I can when I am there!  But for now….I need to get the house clean for Easter-we’re having it at our house this year!  Wish us luck!


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  1. Anne
    Apr 06, 2007 @ 22:38:41

    I hear you — the wait to travel about killed me. We lived for updates, and photos and news from people traveling. Of course, it got so bad in the middle of the court closure that Steve took a week and half trip to Addis to meet Hayat. Learning that Hayat had chicken pox was so, so hard. The photo they sent us was just heartbreaking. Of course she bounced back right away — but seeing her so obviously sick and so far away was devastating.

    Can’t wait to hear you have a travel date! I’ll be thinking of you while you wait, hopefully just a little while longer.


  2. Kristen
    Apr 07, 2007 @ 12:17:56

    This time is definitely the worst of the whole process. Hang in there! We did a lot of house projects during that time to keep busy, which worked, and I’m sure glad that we did that now!

    Don’t worry about the chicken pox. Our son had them while in Ethiopia and it was really no big deal. He has the scars to prove it now, but he made it just fine. By the way, your son reminds me of our little Eyobel when we first brought him home (a little pensive, but very handsome!) Good luck!


  3. Blaine
    Apr 11, 2007 @ 15:42:13

    Believe it or not, you really will make it to the day when you finally get to hold your little guy for the first time. Waiting is REALLY hard sometimes, but before you know it, he will have been home for a year like our Grace. Feel free to vent anytime, and ask every family that travels to take pictures. They have all been through the wait, so they (and we) totally understand your angst. 8^)


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