Trying to potty train?  Daddy-O ran across this little gem of a video.  Sorry, I honestly can’t explain it.  Please make sure to read the subtitles, they actually make it EVEN better!!  It’s simply freakin hilarious.  Supergirl already sings “sheeeeePA PA  sheeeeeeeeeeeePA  PA”


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  1. ECCM
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 19:18:33

    Dear Parent’s


    The Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium (CCEM), invites you to come to Washington D.C. to participate in welcoming the Year 2000 of the Ethiopian calendar. A new millennium!

    In a few months, Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans will celebrate the dawning of a new millennium. It is equally exciting and humbling to find oneself at this juncture of Ethiopian history. It is exciting because we are part of the unique Ethiopian/human civilization since the time of Lucy/Dinqnesh and are coming up to close another millennium. It is also exciting to know that we are the only nation on earth with our own unique calendar and will have another millennium that is intimately ours. Yet again the coming of the third millennium is humbling. It is humbling because although so much has been accomplished in the millennium to pass, Ethiopians face daunting challenges from the onset in the Third Millennium.

    Thus, recognizing that the coming New Year is distinct and needs to be accepted with confidence, a committee is organized to celebrate the Year 2000 E.C. The Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium (CCEM) is a registered non-profit organization and comprised of active community members across the United States. The place will be in Washington D.C. from Saturday September 8 – Wednesday September 12, 2007.

    At the moment, the CCEM is putting together the necessary thoughts and organizational frameworks to arrange a five-days long festivity and other important social, historical and cultural reflections of the past, present and future ideals of the Ethiopian Millennium. The CCEM expects 50,000 Ethiopians to participate in the five-days event.

    As an adaptive parent(s) of an Ethiopian child(ren), CCEM thought that participating in this once-in-a-thousand-year event with your child(ren) will be historical for your entire family. In addition, if you have the desire and capacity to be part of the millennium celebration effort, you can support CCEM with financial donation or solicitation of sponsors. CCEM has a PayPal system in its website or you can mail your check or money order to:
    Ethiopian Millennium
    1115 U Street N.W
    Washington DC, 20009

    For more information visit us at or e-mail us at



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