International Adoption Clinic

Yesterday we made a trip to our local Children’s Hospital to the International Adoption Clinic.  Wow…  It was honestly amazing.  We saw the audiologist, pediatrician, occupational therapist, social worker, and although the psychologist was out, she is supposed to call us.  What a thorough, informative visit!  The big news is he has already gained 2 pounds since our visit to our regular pediatrician (about 3 weeks ago).  AND he has an ear infection.  Good to know since I had absolutely no idea!  He is now on antibiotics, so I guess he will start feeling better soon.

He can hear fine, which is good to know.  The hearing test was very cool.  It is amazing how quickly they can condition a baby to a response.  Nothing like a little behavior management at work.  He is only VERY slightly delayed, but the OT thought he would have NO trouble at all catching up.  The bad news was they had to take a lot of blood.   BUT the lab at Children’s kicks some serious butt and the lady was SO awesome, she had the blood in no time at all.  The other bad news, we are testing for even more parasites (he has yucky diarrhea) and I now have 6 more vials (I’ve allready done 4 for our other doctor) for ‘stool samples.’  It is really sad, but I am becoming quite efficient at scooping poo and placing it in little vials.  I’ve allready filled 4 since yesterday afternoon, just 2 more! 🙂

If anyone reading this knows me outside of here, lives in our area and is adopting, let me know.  I will wholeheartedly recommend this adoption clinic.  They were truly awesome!


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  1. mykidsmom
    Aug 12, 2007 @ 17:25:51

    A friend of mine adopted a little boy from Haiti and when she brought him home he had diarreah for quit a while, and they never reall figured it out. She thought maybe it was just all the change he was going through, diet included. She just kept him hydrated and eventually he got better!
    I hope he feels better soon, ear infection and all ! 🙂


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