Growing up

First of all, we are all feeling better.  YAY!!!  I went to bed with a migraine, and woke up with a migraine… BUT it is gone now, and all bellies seem to be healed.  Thank goodness!

 I just had to post about little Baby G and how quickly he is growing.  First of all, from here on out I will be referring to him as ‘Boomer.’  This is what Daddy-O always wanted to name our son…  And this is what Supergirl has always called him.  So, although it is not his ‘legal’ name, this is what I shall call him… Plus I’m tired of typing ‘Baby G’, it takes too long 🙂

 Anyways, the first month he was home he learned how to sit up without falling, and how to scoot everywhere on his belly.  In the last week he has learned two new tricks…  I began walking into the room to find him sitting when I knew he was laying before (he was almost always sitting in his crib when I walked in) but I never actually caught him in the act.  Until yesterday morning.  But now that he has been busted, he feels free to do it all the time. 

And then this morning I watched as he downed all the milk out of a sippy cup I had out for the little girl we babysit.  I have given him a sippy cup before, but it always frustrated the heck out of him, so he hasn’t had one for awhile.  But when he got ahold of the one this morning it took him no time at all to completely empty it. 
Yay Boomer!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jenni
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 11:18:57

    Oh my!! Love the new name — that is my brother’s name, too!

    Glad to hear you all are doing better (and I loved the dance class pics!)

    good wishes


  2. Stacie
    Sep 06, 2007 @ 15:07:10

    Love Boomer! It fits him for sure. (Did I just say “for sure”?) I can’t wait to see him do his new tricks! Maybe Micah will have some to share too… or maybe not!


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