Quick Update

I turned in my resignation yesterday.  I am back in school for school social work and as part of that I have to complete yet another practicum.  SO….starting January 3rd I will be in a school full-time getting all of my practicum hours.  It will basically be like a full-time job without the full-time pay, but I can’t complain too much as it has a pretty nice stipend.  I will also be taking another class next semester.  So I am going from part time to full time plus a class.  Yikes.  I am a little apprehensive, but also excited.  I will be finished in May and be ready to get a real job as a school social worker next fall.  This means I will have the summer off!  YAY!!!  Hopefully I can find a job in the fall, I haven’t quite worked out plan B yet…

What else…  Boomer has been a bit demanding lately.  Lot’s of screaming.  We are REALLY hoping that when he starts talking the screaming will decrease.  If anyone has any suggestions please let us know!  We have been trying sign language, and he knows milk and more, but he still seems to prefer the screaming…

Supergirl and I have scored some free tickets to the Nutcracker this weekend (thanks Uncle A).  I am so excited, we will be dropping Boomer off at grandma’s and going to lunch and then to the matinee.  Girls day out!  I know she will like it, the other day I was flipping channels and the Rockettes were on and the girl completely lost her mind.  She was glued to the tv trying her best to imitate every dance move they did.  Once she said, “whoa!  I don’ think I can do that!”

Okay more pics and stuff later.  I am hoping to (FINALLY) get the kids pictures taken this week (Christmas cards) but we are ridiculously broke right now, so we’ll see how that works out…


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  1. Stacie
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 08:20:40

    I wish I could help with the screaming…but I have less of a clue than anyone! I hope it ends soon for you though!
    Have fun at the Nutcracker – SG will love that!! (She makes me want a girl!!)


  2. Danielle
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 13:24:55

    Amelie did the same thing right before she learned to talk…keep at it with the sign language. I felt like it was doing nothing at the time, but all of a sudden one day the kid was speaking/signing sentences “More milk please, mommy. Thank you. Sippy cup, not bottle.” She does some words in sign, some talking, but it’s insane. If you ask her if she has a dirty diaper, she shakes her head yes, grabs your hand and walks you to the changing table in her room. Literally all within the last two weeks.

    Since we’re very broke right now too, and we also needed pics, I’m sharing our lifesaver! Go to http://www.celebrateadoption.org and click on your state. It will list photographers in your state who will waive the sitting fees AND give you 10-20% of photos if you’ve adopted in the last year. Our photographer was so incredibly talented and the pictures are absolutely amazing and even though I bought them as gifts for family for Christmas and had her design/make Christmas cards, I think I spent $100.

    Have fun at the Nutcracker! I love the Rockette dancing story. Amelie did something similar yesterday, but to Baby Got Back while we were watching this couple’s wedding dance on You Tube. I almost died.


  3. Danielle
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 13:25:50

    Crap..It might be http://www.celebratingadoption.org…if it’s not that, google around for those words, it’ll pop up!


  4. Danielle
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 13:27:55

    Yea, I’m hogging your blog…if you go to our photographer’s blog, you can see some of the pics of Amelie, as well as those of my friend Courtney’s kids Brooklyn and Sam (he was adopted from Kenya)…scroll down until you see them



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