Last night she slept a little better, although temps continued to go up in the 104 range.  This morning she was cranky and said she did NOT want to go to school, which means she was feeling very yuck.  Around 2 she began running a fever again (remember she is feverfree in the mornings).  She also became very cranky, even though she had seemed to be feeling better.  Since we’ve been home her temp shot up again (slightly  over 104).  After tylenol, a cold rag and a tepid bath I managed to get it down to 101.7

She is asleep right now, I am about to go lay down with her.  I just wanted to leave an update.  I hatethis, just want her to be well…  OH, and I think she also now has pink eye.  She really is having a rough time, and Daddy-O is on his shift again and Boomer really does not unerstand why Supergirl is getting so much more attention then him, although he’s handling it fairly well…

Maybe tomorrow will be better???


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shellyt
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 16:36:13

    praying that the fever disappears and that supergirl will be back to noramal asap


  2. dawn
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 08:52:40

    Oh Sarah, I am so sorry. I wish I was free today to come over and help you out. Let me know if you need anything–I might be able to manage a little free time later this afternoon.


  3. stacie
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 13:26:43

    Oh, I’m so sorry to read this! Poor SG! I hope it passes quickly! Hang in there mama! It’s not easy for you either!


  4. Stacy
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 08:01:19

    i feel for you … my Lucy had the same thing, each time my hopes would go up (when she’d wake up with no fever) they’d crash again by afternoon. We did around 6 days of 104 … I hope that she’s better now.


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