How’s Boomer?

Just thought I’d write a little update on Boomer (now that I have some time on my hands):

  • Speech:  at 12 months the doctor was concerned about his speech and had him evaluated, it was determined he was not delayed enough to qualify for service.  Since that time…Holy Cow, has this boy ever started talking.  I don’t have any idea how many words he knows, it’s a lot.  He likes to name things.  No sentences yet, just LOTS of labeling.  He will try to say anything you ask, it’s very cute!  The doctor was quite impressed with his progress at his checkup last week.
  • Letters:  He has developed an interest in letters. At first every letter was E!!!!  He would get so excited and yell it everytime he noticed a letter.   Supergirl thinks it’s so funny.   He has now expanded to E!!  O!!! D!!! and G!!! although there is no correlation between what he says and what he points at.
  • Music:  He definitely LOVES music and has a very good ear for it.  He started singing twinkle twinkle a long time ago (with no words) then baa baa black sheep.  He will listen to a song and sing la la or dada to the tune.   The funniest is frere jacques, he sings that in the car.
  • Temper:  The boy definitely has one.  He gets very mad very fast.  He hits kicks screams and most recently spits. He came up with that one all on his own.  We can often see it coming and try to avoid them, but use time outs for hitting and other physical aggression.  As busy as he is he will sit for time out. It’s the strangest thing.  However, he seems to know when you are in a place you can’t enforce as easily (grocery store, restaurant, etc) and takes full advantage of these situations.  We don’t eat out much anymore 🙂
  • Busy:   Yes, he is VERY VERY busy.  He never just sits.   He loves to run, climb, dance, get into things.  He is very hard to keep up with, great exercise! He is fun to watch, such energy is just amazing!  And he is fearless.   Climbing his one of his favorite things to do.
  • Pretend:  He is starting to do this and it is so fun.  Supergirl loves to crawl around and pretend she is a dog or cat.  He started doing this with her tonight.  He would alternate between crawling and saying ruff ruff and standing up and calling Supergirl ‘Opy’ which is what he calls our dog Oprah.  It’s so neat to watch him get the concept of pretending.
  • Protective:  We have discovered he’s very protective of me.  If Daddy-O and I are goofing around and he thinks Daddy-O might be hurting me (picture a pillow fight) he completely freaks out.  He cries and screams and almost freezes he is so upset. It is heartbreaking, so we have to be very careful.  Even if Supergirl is involved and Daddy-O does the same thing to her and we are all laughing it is suddenly not funny anymore if he does it to me.  Very sad, but it also makes me feel very cared for and protected…

That’s all for tonight.  I plan to download some pictures tomorrow…


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  1. ktka
    May 21, 2008 @ 05:45:52

    How sweet! I can’t wait to see him again, he’s going to be so different from the last time. You guys should try some kind of tumble/ gymnastics class with him 🙂


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