Exercise Hates Me

Remember WAY back in March when I wrote about joining a gym? It was supposed to open May 1st, I was very excited about working out all summer, knowing I would not be working. Well… May 1st came along and there were no signs of the gym opening so I called. Middle of May they tell me. Okay, that will work since I didn’t actually finish with work until the middle of May anyways. May 15th, still no signs of any upcoming grand opening so I call again. June 1st… Now I am starting to get annoyed. My summer is slowly sliding away. June 1st guess what? You got it! No grand opening! I call, they tell me JULY 1st. So now I am seriously ticked off. I ask what sort of compensation we will be getting since I have now missed 2 months. I am told to email the ‘district managers.’ I email them explaining how I was promised a May 1st opening, had planned to work out all summer, was never notified of any delays in opening, now have no faith there will be any sort of July 1st opening, and am sitting on my butt eating and eating and NOT working out… I get an email back: sorry for the delays, we have not been charging anyone monthly dues yet and will not charge until August, we assure you we will open July 1st….
Okay, seriously? No shit you haven’t been charging anyone monthly dues, THERE IS NO GYM!!! I snap back an email stating how ridiculous his response is and how I expected some sort of attempt at compensation, free months, something. And how I would like to cancel my membership and get a refund of my enrollment fee and first and last month’s dues.
No email response. Still. Several days later, even though the first email received a response in under an hour.
So then I start calling, and am repeatedly told I can only discuss this with the district managers, or I can cancel on the webpage. Finally, I reach a lady in the billing dept who informs me the district managers do not have office hours (WTF?) and will be difficult to reach by phone, besides billing handles cancellations, but I must do it through the webpage. Will I get my refund I ask, she assures me I will.
So I go to the webpage to cancel. The WEBPAGE apologizes for my unhappiness with the gym and offers 2 free months and a $100 credit if I am willing to stick with them. Okay, why could the district manager not tell me this? Too late, no deal, you people suck! So I cancelled. And received a message saying I should hear from someone with the gym in 7 to 10 days. I also went ahead and emailed the district managers again informing them I cancelled and how the billing lady told me I would get a refund. And how I EXPECT to get that refund…
No response yet.
So yesterday I went and joined the YMCA. Supergirl and Boomer were already enrolled in swim there which started today and they have free childcare. And I get a personal fitness guide, or something. So tomorrow I plan to go work out (we swam this morning and are wiped out).
I am much more optimistic about this go round…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ktka
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 05:38:13

    OMG! What a pain. I hate crappy service. Good luck with the Y!


  2. Stacie
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 22:27:32

    The title of this post makes me laugh. 🙂


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