Here are a few of the conversations that we have been having around here:

In the car yesterday:
Supergirl: Mom, Julie (name changed to protect the innocent) called me foolish last night.
Me: That wasn’t very nice.
SG: Yeah, I know. I told her I was not foolish and she kept saying I was.
Me: Well, sometimes she just likes to tease you. Like when she kept saying you were a boy even though you know you are a girl.
SG: Yeah. (pause) Daddy told me to say ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.’
Me: Oh, well that would be a good thing to say.
SG: Yes, so when Julie throws a stick or a rock at me I will tell her that.

On the train at the zoo waiting for it to go. All of the train engineers were standing right next to us.
SG (loudly): Mom–why are all train drivers so fat???

And tonight at bedtime
SG: Mom, you are cooler than daddy.

And Boomer has been talking too 🙂 He learned many new words at the lake, including up, go, open, turtle, tractor, grandma, and many others. He can also say barbie. ha. And he is starting two word phrases including ‘chip please’, ‘shoes off’, and ‘nunu go?’ (that’s what he calles our neighbors dog).


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