Boomer is something else.  His energy level is pretty unbelievable and he NEVER slows down.  He does things that fascinate/confuse/frustrate me all the time.  For one thing he hardly ever watches where he is going.  And, of course, if he is moving there is only one speed–running.  So he runs into things about a million times a day.

He refuses to sit down to go down the stairs and he thinks its funny to just jump off the top stair when I am near him to send me into a complete panic trying to catch him.

He loves running down the hill that is our front yard. This includes our steep driveway.  He runs too fast, loses control and falls flat on his face, but then does it again and again.

He loves to do things with his eyes closed, including running and eating.  It’s so funny to watch him reach around for his spoon and then try to find his bowl.  I have no idea why he does this.

He also loves to have his head on the ground.  He especially loves to dip the top of his head into puddles, he think this is very funny.

He likes going underwater in swim class and to dip each of his ears in the water.  He is the only kid in his class that likes these things…

He also loves to dig his fingernails into your skin.  He just walks up to you and scratches the heck out of you. Not fun.  He pinches in the same way. We are trying 1-2-3 Magic mostly to deal with the hitting/pinching/scratching/biting/spitting… However he doesn’t seem to mind timeout too much.  He just sits and entertains himself quite well.  Talking, singing, screaming (not in a sad or mad way, just in his own fun way).  He most recently learned to make himself throw up while in timeout and thinks that is fun too.

He  had his first emergency room visit this week.  We ALMOST made it an entire year.  He had a dislocated elbow, which popped back in while they were trying to X-ray it.  Don’t ask how it happened, long story involving kiddie sized trampoline and hair pulling…  It was very scary and I cried a lot.  He cried a little until it popped back in, then he was just really ticked off.  We received a lot of comments from the nurses about how bad his temper is.  Thanks for that ladies, we really hadn’t noticed.  Plus, to his credit, he did just have a dislocated elbow!  I told them they will probably be seeing much more of us in the next few years.  The boy has absolutely no fear, never stops going, and likes to do things with his eyes closed.  Bad combination.  Plus he is just a little clumsy. Yesterday we were at a playground where he climbed everything and went down all the slides just fine.  Then managed to trip and fall on the sidewalk making his head bleed.

I need a nap.


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