Happy Anniversary M!!!

7 years, crazy right? It’s going by too fast. I love you so much, even when I’m tired and grouchy (which is too often). Our life is truly better than I ever could have imagined. All though I always knew anything was possible with you. So happy number 7, hopefully 70 more to come 🙂

Here is a quick review of the last 7:

Year 1:  Crazy house in Cushing, onslaught of bugs from the neighbor’s house, mice that started stealing our mousetraps.  Neighbor kids in the middle of the street with no shoes eating a 5 pound bag of sugar.  Same kids playing ‘Jackass’ with lab goggles, a wagon and a ramp.  The hammer stealer.  And us and all of our dogs moving in with your parents.

Year 2:  Living with your parents, the fax machine incident, the many late nights playing Halo with Chris and your dad, our very first house.  Working at the airport.

Year 3: My graduation and first ‘real job.’ The day I told you I was pregnant, you had already guessed I was about to tell you. You telling people you knocked me up. My big fat giant belly. Shopping for baby stuff with NO idea what we were doing. You FINALLY getting the job you have always wanted.  Life coming together

Year 4:  Italianfest where we both became VERY nervous at the thought of having a girl.  The next day,the whirlwind that was the birth of our daughter.  How suprised we were to see a girl, how we weren’t sure it was a girl.  Learning how much we could love this new 3rd party in our family. Waking Supergirl up at 6 to have Christmas morning before you went to work.

Year 5:  Moving to our new house. Supergirl’s first birthday. The fire academy.  You hitting a deer on the way to the academy.  Your graduation.  Our decision to adopt.  Sending the application and the homestudy.  My venture back to work. Our first outing that lasted past Supergirl’s bedtime–when we came home at 3 and she was sick.  The guilt.

Year 6: The adoption journey and stress that came along with it.  Seeing our son for the first time.  Trying to prepare for becoming a family of four.  Enjoying  our time together.  You spending a lot of time with Supergirl as I worked a little more.

Year 7: Bringing home our son.  Trying to adjust to having 2 children (I think we are FINALLY there–just took us a year).  Learning who our new son is, the crazy energy that he brings into our home.  Many, many many laughs.  Loving our family so so much.  You becoming superdad as I worked fulltime for a semester. Being so exhausted every day.

I am very much looking forward to our very first all night outing.  The kids will have a lot of fun with grandma. And we will sleep in VERY late 🙂

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (forever and ever butthead)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dawn
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 09:08:00

    Happy Anniversary.

    So, the transition to two kids takes about a year? That gives me something to look forward to.

    You two are awesome and deserve all the happiness in the world. I am very glad that our adoption journeys brought our families together.


  2. Jenni
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 16:13:17

    Happy Anniversary! Have a great celebration — You are just a week ahead of us! Fun post.


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