January Progress

So far I have done the “30 Day Shred” for 10 days. I can tell you this much: I seriously hate exercising! I have known this forever, but every now and again I get crazy and think I’ll try it again only to be reminded of why I wasn’t doing it in the first place. For one thing I don’t like being in pain, or even uncomfortable. And from what I can tell exercise always involves being uncomfortable at the very least. When something is uncomfortable I stop doing it, that only makes sense. I’m really not a fan of ‘no pain, no gain.’ Secondly, I am almost completely convinced exercising gives me a headache. Ok, so lots of things give me headaches, but exercise is definitely one of them. Actually, stress is definitely one of them, so maybe it’s just from feeling stressed out about exercising… Either way, one more reason not to do it! But don’t worry, I’m gonna stick it out. Only 20 more days to go…

In the defense of exercise I will say for the most part I have felt better for the rest of the day, more energy, not quite such a permanent bump on the couch. I don’t look like the girls in the video yet, but for some reason I am pretty sure that I never will…

I think I am drinking enough water, at least I’m trying. Tea counts, right?

The calorie counting app is totally helpful! It turns red if you go over your goal and stays green if you don’t. Plus you can have friends on it so they know how you’re doing. I think I simply am doing much better knowing what I eat. I haven’t really changed my food choices yet, just how much of each thing I eat. For example, instead of the entire 1100 calorie QDoba burrito for dinner, I had 1/2 and saved the other half for lunch the next day. I was still full, just not sick. AND I still get to have my favoritest burritos in the world 🙂

As for the laundry… I almost got it done, still had a load of sheets, but those can wait.


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  1. ktka
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 07:45:16

    Good for you! Keep up the exercise and water drinking! I’m supporting you all the way.


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