Developmental Milestones

Over the past few months our children have reached some VERY important milestones (at least from a parent’s perspective):

#1–They are both in booster seats and able to buckle themselves. No more struggling to buckle in a squirmy kid EVERY time we get in the car!!!

#2–They come downstairs on their own and fix their own breakfast–usually cereal, but really, that’s ok with me!!! They can both get the dishes they need, with the help of the stool, and Supergirl can reach the cereal AND pour the milk. Then they turn the tv on and watch cartoons quietly. All while I am laying in bed an extra few minutes. I can’t even describe the happiness this brings me 🙂 This morning Boomer didn’t even come in our bedroom to announce he was awake (although I can always rely on the sound of his footsteps flying down the hallway)…

My superstars:


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