My Extraordinarily Ordinary Life

As I look at our calendar I realize I have slipped into the role of middle-aged mother. There are no “exciting” events written down, no crazy trips, late nights out…. It’s filled with ball practices, dance practices, doctor appointments, and hair cuts… I am in bed by 10:00pm at the latest every night. Weekend plans are a thing of the past—for us the only difference between a weekend night and a weekday night is that Friday night is movie night (at home, not a theater!). Each week is very similar to the one before—and to be completely honest, I’m ok with that.
I love my life. Is it perfect, (HA!!!) far from it… Is it exciting, not really… Is it fun, I like to think so… Is it happy, definitely… I enjoy my job, my kids, my husband, my friends. I get decent ‘me’ time working out.
Yes, at one point in my life I had plans that were slightly different. I wanted to join the Peace Corps, I wanted to spend lots of time helping others in third world countries, I wanted to volunteer for disaster relief. Now those plans are all on hold. I am a mother and that is my number one job. I am teaching my kids how to be responsible, how to love and help others, and hopefully showing them how to find joy in life. When we started a family I knew my life was about to change. I have heard people say you trade in some of your dreams and freedom when you have kids. I don’t look at it that way… I had lots of dreams—having a family was definitely one of them, so I am living out my dreams. Other dreams are on hold–I didn’t trade them in or give up on them… They are still there.
I once met a lady from the Peace Corps. She started when she retired and her kids were grown. She said she wouldn’t change her life for anything. I honestly think I can do it all. And if I died today I would be ok with that. I was on the right path. If you try to do everything at once you can enjoy nothing. Instead I take a day at a time, and enjoy every second!!!


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