Epic Fail (and save)

So I failed today. Miserably… I get home from work, call my neighbor and make plans to go run. I’m feeling very proud of myself for being so dedicated. We go run at the park where Boomer is having t-ball practice. Then come home to a message on our machine. Actually 2 messages. The first wondering if I am coming to pick up my bag of produce from the co-op. The second informing me they are going to donate my bag of produce.
DANG IT!!!! I was SO excited about this, yet I managed to forget to write it on my calendar. And goodness knows if it is not on my calendar then it doesn’t exist. For some reason I had in my brain that it was tomorrow. Although I knew I wasn’t sure about this. I even reminded myself to look it up on my drive home today. Then I got home, and forgot.
So I called the lady back and left a message apologizing for being such a failure and that it was all my fault. Then she calls me back and apologizes because they already donated my bag—which I knew would happen if I was a no-show, so I wasn’t upset at all with her, just my stupid self. However, she felt bad for me and said she would get me a bag next drop off (in two weeks) for no charge. YAY co-op!!! I already wrote it on my calendar, and entered it on my Cozi calendar. So I’m good!
I’ve also been seriously letting flylady down. However, after receiving my second chance from the co-op lady I rededicated myself to my flylady habits. I set the timer and got to work. 15 minutes later my sink was shiny, dishes loaded, cabinets wiped, and most of the junk off the kitchen table. I know tomorrow I’ll start my 15 minutes ahead of where I was tonight, so I should see a little more progress. No more slacking…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    May 10, 2011 @ 20:42:51

    Yay Co-op lady! And more importantly, yay awesome neighbor girl for running with Sarah!


  2. ktka
    May 14, 2011 @ 05:29:40

    I hope it works out next week! Keep us posted on what you get, and how you get the kids to eat it! 🙂


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