What the May?!?!

May is always a circus around here. You would think I would be getting used to it, and yet, I have not… I am currently in constant crisis mode, my mantra is ‘June will be better, June will be better, June will be better.’ I definitely hope that is true.

In the last week I have:

Participated in relay for life from 6:30 pm to 2:15am when it was cancelled due to rain (which had been pouring for over 2 hours) at which point myself and three other firefighter’s wives had to figure out how to pack everything up, take down two tents, cool off a fire pit and load everything into our cars in the darkness and rain. Good times, people, good times–memories we will cherish forever I’m sure…

Witnessed a baby duck fall into a grate in the street (literally about 2 feet away from me), stand over grate and realize there are 4 more babies down there, discuss with passerby what we could do, attempt to drop into storm drain but chicken out, call fire department, watch passerby jump into storm drain only to realize ducks run away and hide in pipe under street, leave as fire department calls animal control because a) I need to go help Daddy-O with a fire station tour for our children’s school and b) I’m not sure I want Supergirl to be around to witness the rescue just in case they (animal control) decide it’s too much trouble to rescue baby ducks under the street. PS—of course it is pouring rain during this entire episode.. End of Story: Animal Rescue and Fire Department work together to rescue 5 baby ducks and take them to wildlife refuge center—Score one for happy endings.

Helped Daddy-O give fire station tour to children from our kids’ school who rode on a bus for 45 minutes to go on the tour. Thankfully it went well…

Ran my fastest EVER 3 miles at the park. Come home to Daddy-O informing me that no, it’s impossible, I couldn’t possibly have done that well. After which, of course he has to go run the loop and beat me, after which, of course I have to go buy a new Nike sensor (mine had died) and run the loop again to try to prove to him that yes 1 loop=1 mile. Turns out 1 loop=.9 mile. FML…

Had portfolio night at my kids’ school where they were able to show us all the work they have done this year. Supergirl’s was so impressive, I felt so reassured seeing the incredible progress she has made. Rock on, kindergarten. Saw the improvement in Boomer’s ability to write his name and draw mat man. Rock on, 3/4’s. Read Boomer’s autobiography for his class and discovered he has 2 brothers and one sister…. News to me! Turns out he thinks my brothers are his brothers. In his defense they are kids, it can be a hard concept to figure out.

Started cleaning, sorting and pricing items for garage sales. Yay to purging and money making….

Still left to do this month:

Many more t-ball and softball practices. Plus games.
Recital pictures, recital dress rehearsal, recital (X2—Supergirl is in 2 recitals this year, one at 2:00 and one at 4:00–Pretty sure she should sleep well that night.)
Garage sales (one in May, one June 4)
Produce pickup—I wrote it on my calendar this time so hopefully I don’t forget!!!
PT conference for Supergirl.

Needless to say, I am REALLY looking forward to June. My house is a disaster, I am eating about as unhealthily as humanly possible, and I am exercising almost never.

2 more weeks 🙂


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