Not what I wanted…
I at least beat my HAVE TO BEAT time.
I am feeling VERY motivated to improve my running.

Did NOT meet my goal.
Walked 3 times (at least) when I wanted to not walk at all…

The kids also ran the 1/4 mile race (you know, the UNtimed, NONcompetetive one). First they both insisted they did not need me at the starting line with them. I felt as though they were the only ones out there without a parent at the start. That either means I really suck as a parent, or they are really independent as 4 and 6 year olds.
They both ran their hearts out. All morning Boomer had been talking about how he had come in last place two years ago (true story). He came in about the middle of the pack this year. He considered it a win! And he told everyone on the way out of the race that he did NOT come in last!
Supergirl went into the race confident that she MAY be able to actually win it–it was 6 and under. She got the first game ball EVER on her coach pitch team yesterday so she is feeling pretty athletically gifted right about now πŸ™‚ Turns out she was close. Three boys came in ahead of her, so she was 4th overall, and the FIRST girl!!!! Not that we noticed, because it was noncompetitive and all. But I was VERY proud of her. And even more than that, it has been so wonderful to see how proud she is of herself after these last two days.

After attending the awards ceremony and realizing that my time was almost exactly the same as the winner of the 75+ age group winner I am rededicating myself to running. I am feeling like Supergirl, I think I CAN be awesome. Someday I might actually place in a race—if I really decide to work my butt off. And don’t quit…

So… there is a race in 5 weeks. I found a copy of the “your fastest 5k” training plan I had copied from the fitness magazine at work weeks ago. I will be starting tomorrow…

My neighbor, her friend, Supergirl and me πŸ™‚

Boomer’s game face:

Supergirls game face:

4th place:

NOT last:

Very proud πŸ™‚


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