Nature, Nature, Nature

I have a few goals for my summer.
1. Get my kids outside and into nature as much as possible.
2. Get better at keeping the house clean.
3. Run, run, run…
4. Read a few books.

We spent the first week of summer in Oklahoma. We were able to visit my grandparents:

My grandma was so happy to see them she cried and cried. It was very sweet. I didn’t get a picture with my other grandma because I am a photography failure, but we visited her too 🙂
We went to my brother’s and the kids swam, rode horses, chased dogs and chickens and pigs. We saw a baby llama. We spent most of our time at my parents just hanging out. The kids were able to spend a lot of time with their uncles (the kid ones) and cousins. Supergirl and her ONLY girl cousin played a serious game of GO Fish.

We went to summer school where my mom was teaching and did some serious cup-stacking.

The miracle was that Boomer didn’t knock it down!!!

Friday we came home and were able to say goodbye to Oprah.

Yesterday we went camping! Our local recreation district hosted a campout at our ‘community farm.’ I had never been there, so I was pretty excited. PLUS the kids have NEVER been tent-camping, so it was all very new and exciting. I used to go camping all the time as a kid, but around junior high we switched to cabins and never went back. Daddy-O and I have gone with my family twice to stay in a cabin, but never tents. The campout was only for one night, was in town, had a ready-made fire and a guided night hike. I thought this would be a great ease into camping experience for the kids. Daddy-O had to work, so it was just the three of us. My mom bought us a tent for my birthday, so I just needed a sleeping bag, hot dogs and smores and we were all set. I am proud to say I got the tent assembled very easily.

Supergirl did a lot of drawing in her new nature journal 🙂

We did some hiking.

Boomer made friends with the other campers and played hide and seek and tag forever.

We managed to cook our hot dogs and smores with no major incidents and everyone slept through the night without getting scared (which was definitely one of my main concerns).
So—-first week of summer feels pretty successful. Today I’m taking the day off–tomorrow I start working on the house cleaning part…


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