In my head I am a runner. Not just any runner but a REAL runner. A five mile a day runner. A marathon runner. A I only eat healthy running food runner. A tiny tight running shorts wearing runner. I am fast and committed.

In real life not so much. In real life I try to recommit every 3-6 months. I run for a week, maybe even up to 5, before I fall apart again…

I need to get from here to there. I need it for my energy level, mental health, confidence, and swimsuit season… So how does that happen? How do I stay motivated for more than a few weeks? If you know please share.

As for now I recommitted AGAIN yesterday. I ran. I couldnt go far without walking (1/2 mile) but that was partly due to the fact I was at the track with my kids. Wait, who am I kidding? I was totally winded after that endless 1/2 mile. AND my 6 year old daughter totally kicked my butt in that 1/2 mile!!!
Today is a new day—day 2 of my new awesome running life…


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