Life with Reina

Reina has been a part of our family for 9 days now. So far so good! She is still working on housebreaking, but she already goes to the door MOST of the time when she needs to go. She cries at night in her crate, but only for about 5-10 minutes. She gets up way too early. I am more exhausted than I have been in a very long time. Of course, we’ve also had middle of the night storms the last two nights, so that gets her up too… The kids have been doing great with her. They’re learning how to tell her no when she is play biting, they take her out when I ask them to (most of the time), and LOVE to play with her.
She loves to nap, mostly on her back 🙂

She also has yet to learn how to put one thing down in order to get something else. This is what happens when she takes a break from playing for a drink.

Her and Boomer also love to play tug of war, which is great since his OT lady says he needs some large muscle movement/heavy lifting activities.

And some classic Boomer…


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