Back to work

Tomorrow I start summer school… I can’t really complain as it is only until 12:15, 4 days a week for 2 weeks. But it is still a little hard to think about going to work. I’m not gonna lie, summer’s off rock. I love it. I enjoy my daily nap. šŸ™‚ Unfortunately, my running has not been taking advantage of all this free time. I’ve been getting up at 5 to let the dog out and falling back asleep on the couch until the kids get up. By then it’s so hot I can’t bring myself to do much of anything, much less go run. If you have followed my posts for more than a week you probably know by now I am CONSTANTLY trying to RE-motivate myself. It’s way too easy to do nothing. Super duper easy. But it’s not what I want. So this is me, once again, for the trillionth time this year, saying I am going to start running again. Since I’m up at 5 anyway, I figure I can let the dog out, get her back in her crate and go run before work. BEFORE it reaches 100 degrees. If I’m going to train for the half I needed to be running 3 miles by the end of this month. It’s time to get my butt going. Literally…


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  1. Katie
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 21:46:56

    Are you still thinking about Disney next year? šŸ˜€


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