Week 1=done!

Halfway done with summer school!!! Week 1 was not bad at all. Of course Boomer began to run a fever on Sunday—no one has been sick all summer. I think work=sick… Unfortunately his fever was up to 104.5 at 1:00am Monday morning. But he, as always, was a trooper and insisted he felt much better. I put him in the bath to cool him off and he began to do the robot, so I guess he wasn’t lying. His fever only lasted 2 days and he was back to normal. Then last night Reina (the dog) began throwing up. Threw up for about an hour, then she was fine. And today Supergirl began to run a fever. I guess it’s better to get it all over with at once!
I did manage to get out and run 3 out of 4 days this week–BEFORE WORK!! I tried to get out the door by 5:45 and have been going about 2.5 miles. I am FINALLY able to do this consistently without walking. Next week I am going to try to bump it up to 3 miles. Only one more week of work, then one week off, then BEACH!!! Let’s go summer!!!


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