Tonight Boomer and I were in the living room when a story of famine in East Africa began. He heard the word Ethiopia and was immediately giving the story his full attention.

He had questions: Why are those big kids just laying there? Why are they so sick?

As I struggled to answer I also struggled to hold back a sob. It is very hard to explain starvation to my American-born daughter, yet I find it even harder to explain to my Ethiopian son.

He said; “I hope my Ethiopian mommy is ok!” All I could say was “me too, baby, me too.”

I was so happy at the end of the story that the news gave guidance on how to help. I told Boomer we could look on the internet and find out how to help, that we could send them some money. To which he excitedly said “YAY! I will send them all my money, I really don’t need it anyway!” We immediately went to the computer and made a donation. Such a tiny, insignificant thing, but at least it is something. I appreciate the story being covered two nights in a row and hope it is covered every night until there is relief. If you missed the story you can watch it (and learn how to help) here:


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