Half-Marathon Training

I officially started training for the half-marathon 2 weeks ago, while we were at the beach. So far it has gone something like this:

Week 1:
Run 1–3 miles, I thought it would be fun to run on the beach. I went around 6:30 am and ran 1.5 miles out and turned and headed back. It was SO hot!!! I had to walk a LOT… When I got back I thought it would be a great idea to jump in the ocean to cool off. It helped, but then I’m pretty sure I saw something in the water coming rapidly toward me. I am also pretty sure it was either a jellyfish or a shark. So needless to say I began back-pedaling out of the water as quickly and ungracefully as possible. Once back on the safety of land I did a little victory dance only to turn around and see about 4 ATV’s on the beach full of BP guys watching my every move. Awesome…
Run 2–2 miles, I resorted to the safety of roads this time. Very boring.
Run 3–3 miles, roads–boring–but no walking at least.
Run 4–4 miles, this time I thought it would be awesome to run on the trail the kids and I had explored the day before. It was 2 miles long, so I was thinking PERFECT… Again, I got up and went around 6am and it was still REALLY hot. I also discovered the last quarter mile of the trail was like 8 inches of sand. Not so easy to run in that stuff! I tried for about 10 feet before I gave up and started walking. However, the trail ended in this VERY isolated section of beach and it was amazing to be out there alone at 6 in the morning. Totally worth it!

Week 2, back home
Run 1–3 miles; roads=boring…
Run 2–didn’t do, can’t remember why now.
Run 3–3 miles; roads=boring, but no longer walking which is encouraging, but still very slow.
Run 4–4 miles; did this one on the treadmill. Have I mentioned I LOATHE running on the treadmill? Seriously, LOATHE it. πŸ™‚ I had put off running the day before because I wanted a nap, so I absolutely had to do this one on Sunday. Then I happened to be hungover, which I haven’t been in years, but what can you do? And I had to do it on the treadmill since Daddy-O was at work. Needless to say I started the run with a VERY bad attitude. I didn’t think I could stand listening to music the entire time (I get REALLY bored and negative on the treadmill) so I decided to try something new. I watched a few episodes of spongebob I had loaded on my ipod for the kids. I was able to watch 3 1/2 episodes and it totally made the run SO much easier!!! I only walked once and only for about one/tenth of a mile! I was extremely proud of myself! Thank you Mr. Squarepants.

Week 3, back to work 😦
Run 1–3.5 miles; outside after school. I set my alarm for 5am with great intentions to run before work. At 5 the alarm went off and I just stared at it. Then I went back to sleep. πŸ™‚ So instead I went shortly after getting home. I am excited to say it was the first time EVER I actually enjoyed running!!! Major milestone here, people!!! I never felt the urge to walk, I was never dying, I just ran 3.5 miles and felt fine! WTF?!?!?! (I was still going incredibly slow of course, but that’s just how I roll)
Run 2–2 miles; I did this today on the treadmill and it sucked. But I tried to go a little faster (still a very slow 10 minute mile) so I like to think that explains the suckiness of it…


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