Just Rosy

Boomer: “Mom—I keep smelling something, like spray”
Me: “I don’t smell anything”

A few minutes later
Boomer: “Mom I smell spray in my nose.”
Me: “What kind of spray?”
Boomer: “I don’t know.”

A few minutes later
Boomer: “Mom, smell in my nose–right here in the hole, do you smell it? It smells like spray.”
Me (actually trying to smell in his nostril and noticing it does smell quite floral): “Boomer, did you spray something into your nose?”
Boomer: “Noooo.”
Me: “Boomer, really, did you spray something?”
Boomer: “Noooo.”
Me: “Boomer, please look at my eyes and tell me the truth. This is very important.”
Boomer: “Ok, Ok, I did. I sprayed a spray in there.”
Me: “What kind of spray?”
Boomer: “I’ll go get it and show you.”
(Returns with Wizard dual action aerosol air freshener)
Me: “OK, without touching the button, please show me what you did.”
(aims can directly up his nostril)
Boomer: “I sprayed it like this…”

***Public Service Announcement: According to poison control there are two main concerns in this scenario:
1) Concern over aspirating the chemicals—but not really a concern as he was not coughing and it had been over 15 minutes
2) Concern over the spray causing a burn in his nostril due to being at an extreme low temperature when sprayed. Essentially a freezer burn up your nose. Also not really a concern because he reports it doesn’t hurt at all. Just smells a lot.

Hopefully a night of breathing some seriously strong potpourri will be enough of a natural consequence to deter this child from ever even considering ‘huffing’ as a teenager…


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