Soccer mom syndrome

Hi, my name is me, and I am an overscheduler.

Before I ever had children I was an amazing parent. I could see all the mistakes made by any parent in my presence and could tell you why I was never going to make mistakes like that. I was going to do everything right. I listened to parents complain about time and running from one activity to another and laughed at their inadequacies. Judged their inability to give their children some grounding by sharing family meals at the dinner table, and completing family activities every night. Kids shouldn’t be running around all the time, what happened to the good old days of playing outside and using your imagination. MY kids were going to be different. We were going to be an amazing family, enjoying each other’s company over home-cooked meals.

Enter reality…

My typical week:
Monday: kids stay in after-care, Boomer has cooking class at school from 4:15-5:15, Supergirl has soccer practice at school from 5-6. I pick them up, we are home at 6:45 eat the quickest dinner ever, get to bed
Tuesday: pick kids up and get home about 4:15, work on homework, TRY to make dinner, get Boomer in bed, take Supergirl to dance from 8-8:30, get Supergirl bathed and in bed *if Daddy-O is working I must take Boomer to dance, so all bedtimes are very late
Wednesday: I have a meeting after school, so mostly Daddy-O is picking up kids, unless he is at work, then I pick them up late… This is our one unscheduled night. Except this week I had a fundraiser at work, next week I am going to bunco with the neighbors šŸ™‚
Thursday: pick kids up and get home at 4:15, get kids fed as quickly as possible and changed into soccer/dance clothes. Take Supergirl to dance and drop her off there at 5:30, take Boomer to soccer from 6-7, go back to dance to sit with Supergirl during her break from 7:00-7:30, hopefully bring Boomer home and get him to bed while another parent brings Supergirl home at 8:00, get homework done, get her in bed…
Friday: pick kids up at 3:30, drive 45 minutes to Boomer’s OT appt from 4:30-5:30, drive an hour home, pick up dinner along the way, crash in front of the tv, drag kids to bed
Saturday: Boomer soccer game
Sunday: Supergirl soccer game

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME????? I am truly torn about this. It became a much more noticeable issue these last two weeks, as 1st grade has started giving nightly homework. One page of math or language arts and 15 minutes of reading a night. No problem, right? Supergirl has no problem getting her worksheets done and can read pretty well. Yet, we are struggling. One night a week we didn’t get in the 15 minutes of reading, so we doubled up on other nights. Which means we sat in the car at dance and read during her break.

I don’t want my kids to feel overwhelmed and over-tired. So do I force them to drop things? My dilemma is they love the activities they are doing. They both love love love soccer. And Supergirl is pretty serious about dance. Do I have prodigies on my hands? Of course not. Are they going to get athletic scholarships? While that would certainly be amazing, it’s probably not going to happen. So do I take away what they enjoy? Or live the life of hustling from one activity to the next that I swore we would never have…

Balance… Why is that always the theme of my life?


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  1. Dawn
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 14:13:26

    I made the decision early one that our kids were allowed one activity at a time. That’s it–ONE, it doesn’t keep me any less busy but it streamlines it. Noah has judo/tae kwon do and he does that three times a week T/Th/Sa but the times are early 4pm during the week and 10:30 on saturdays. Zo does dance–2x a week W/Sa wed at 445-5:30 and from 9-945 on Sats. That is it. They don’t need to do more. Noah does have Piano at school one day per week–but it’s at school and doesn’t require any work on m part. I also made sure that they didn’t have things on the same night–that would be just too hard to juggle. But I’m lucky that the kids school is less than 10 minutes from our house and all their activities are within 10 minutes of our house.

    it is difficult, but when I was growing up–we played on thing at a time usually. Once I got older we got busier, but at this age they don’t need all the busy and we as parents certainly don’t. It’s hard. So we have something every day/night except for Monday’s and Sundays but their other activities are done early enough that we aren’t running all over town at all hours of the night.

    There are no easy answers, you aren’t alone.


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