So apparently 3 hours was a more accurate goal 🙂

Official finish time: 2:52:37

I started with the 2:30 pace team. I felt really good about the first 2.5 miles, then they picked up the pace a little… So around mile 4 I found myself slooowwwwllllyyy drifting away from them. At that point I went from plan A (finish in 2:30) to plan B (don’t kill myself, just have fun). Plan B included running up to total strangers for high fives. As many high fives as I could possibly get. It was actually pretty fun. People would be on the side of the road, patiently looking through the thousands of runners for their dear loved ones. When BAM!!! I’m in their face with my hand expectantly raised in the air. Some handled it better than others. But I acted as if my very life depended on every high five I could get.

I would carry out plan B for a while until I would suddenly crash again and feel like I was about to die. Then I would do plan C (walk in the middle of the road, make eye contact with no one, and try to breathe…). I basically switched from B to C then back to B from about mile 4 until mile 9. Then came plan D (find a port-a-potty). At this point I had to pee so bad I simply could not run. I was pretty sure every running step=the pee gate opening just a little wider. It was seriously only a matter of time until I was standing in the middle of the road straddling a puddle. Nobody wanted that! So I walked for about a mile muttering under my breath about a)why the hell it was so far between potties and b)whether it would be rude to ask one of the people cheering from their front yard if I could use their bathroom super fast. FINALLY, like some sort of miracle, I found a lone port-a-potty in front of a medic tent. With no line!!!

So, feeling drained and recharged, I began to forge on with plans B & C. THEN… about mile 11 came the side cramp from my nightmares. GRRRRR… Enter plan D (walk with my hands raised straight in the air like I was on some sort of death march). It didn’t do much for the cramp, but I couldn’t think of anything else to try.

Finally… as I was walking the last 1/4 mile a woman ran up behind me, put her hand on my back (I had switched my number with my name on it to my back) and said “Come on Sarah—you’re almost there!!!! Don’t give up!!! Let’s go, let’s run—the finish line is right there!!!” So I did. Her and I ran in together. So nice lady—THANK YOU!!!!

(That is why I LOVE races. I have never been to another place where I see so many people encouraging each other. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!)

Oh yeah, and Daddy-O finished too 🙂 Except he did the full marathon….


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