And then there were five…

A week ago Saturday Daddy-O ran out to the store to pick up a few things. He calls me and says “I almost got into big trouble…” “What did you do?” “So I went to Pet Co and there was a dog, part bulldog, and it’s name was Nestle…” “WHAT?!?!?”

Now here is something you may not know about me (but really you SHOULD by now…). I am a TAD bit impulsive. Just a little. Sort of. Just kidding—I’m extremely impulsive, especially when it comes to dogs…

So I immediately start talking about how wonderful it would be for Reina to have a friend to play with and how happy she would be and how it must be fate that this dog happened to be there. I was wanting a bulldog SO badly before we got Reina and of course Daddy-O loves anything to do with candy. All the while I am immediately looking the dog up online. It turns out she is American Bulldog, which is not exactly what I was hoping, but still—impulsivity had been fired into high gear.

Daddy-O calls back to report he had several concerns about her and had walked away. I, of course, take this as a sign to begin some heavy internet hunting for a dog to adopt. By the time he made it home I had found the dog of my dreams—half bassett half bulldog. Plus he had the prettiest blue eyes ever. I show Daddy-O the picture when he gets home and he tries very hard to get me back under control. But, seriously, it was too late. I had 20 minutes to get to PetSmart before the shelter people packed up and left. So I wake Boomer up from his nap in enough of a frenzy that he asks if there is a fire! I load everyone up in the car and we head off to meet Omar.

They were not sure how Omar would be with other dogs so they were kind enough to let us take him home on a ‘trial’ period. BTW, I am now officially a foster home for dogs 🙂

The kids were immediately in love, as was I. He was perfect. So sweet, laid back and TOTALLY cuddly. But then he met Reina. Let’s just say it didn’t go very smoothly. Namely, he wanted to kill her and eat her. He absolutely lost his mind. It was insane! We couldn’t even let him close enough to sniff her—I feel very positive he would have killed her! We tried overnight taking turns with one in the crate. Anytime she got within about 10 feet of him he would lose his ever loving mind. It was very very sad. We had a long talk with the kids about how it wasn’t fair for either of the dogs to be together, that he needed a home without another dog. They were sad, but understood.

So the next day we took him back. And THEN the lady convinced us to try again with another dog. Maybe part Shiba Inu part Chihuahua, but who really knows? I was not really planning to get a dog THAT small, mostly because I worry he would be snappy, like most little dogs I know. However, he kept jumping about 5 feet in the air, which was very entertaining, and she assured me he loved her dogs in the foster home. So, of course, we brought him home. This time for the week.

Turns out it’s a pretty perfect match! The kids have named him Skippy Jon Jones. He tolerates Reina’s 24/7 playfulness VERY well. It is so nice that she has a friend. He is also very cuddly and loves to just sit and let you pet him.

He immediately began changing some of our household rules, like no dogs on the sofa. I couldn’t seem to kick him off, he was just too darned cute. So Reina has decided it’s only fair if she takes a nap up there every now and then as well… I guess I’ll just have to start giving them lots of baths. He ALSO immediately decided he would be sleeping in our bed. So, again, Reina has decided she should too! Usually when Daddy-O is home Reina eventually decides she’ll have more room on the floor and goes to her own bed. Skippy, however, is next to me all night. And when Daddy-O is at work they are both sharing my pillow. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of nice. I would love for them to eventually move into the kid’s rooms, but I can’t convince them that’s where they should be. Maybe someday…


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  1. Auntie Em
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 12:01:09

    He is very cute.. Hope yall have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We will miss you lots…

    Love you all


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