Family Stories

Yesterday Supergirl’s homework assignment was for us to sit together and tell her a story about something that happened to us when we were little, or a story we heard a lot when we were little. She was to draw a sketch of the story and tell the story to her class. I loved the idea of this homework!!! However, I very quickly realized that most of the stories I have heard about my parent’s families are not necessarily good ones for a 1st grader to be repeating. Stories of sneaking out, trying to kill siblings (by multiple methods), hitch hiking across Texas, skipping school every Wednesday, among others that I can’t even publish here 🙂

I love my family stories. I just needed to think a little harder to remember some that were ‘G-rated.’ I was able to remember my grandfather telling me of a time that he and his friends snuck a dairy cow into school and left it overnight. I called my dad to confirm that I wasn’t making this up and he also told me of the time grandpa and his friends tied fishing line to the school bell and strung it to one of their houses near the school. Then, of course, they proceeded to get the bell ringing in the middle of the night just long enough to get the police to come check—repeatedly…

Then, my dad gets all excited and says “HEY—I have stories too you know!!!” He then begins to excitedly ramble on about himself and his friend Gary Abbott and their various adventures. Two of which involved crashing through windows…

I then call my mom to check on a story I remember grandma telling me. Mom wasn’t sure about that story, but goes on to tell me that grandma (who is now 86) was only 2 pounds when she was born. And her family kept her in the oven to keep her warm?!?!?! (To which I said ‘WHAT?’ and she said ‘I know, explains a lot doesn’t it…’) She then gets all excited and says “HEY—I have stories too you know!!!” To which I reply, ‘yeah, pretty sure none of those are appropriate…” She then goes on to tell me about when she was little and there was a pony that roamed town and no one knew who it belonged to, so everyone would just ride it. And it would often show up at your back door and if you opened the door it would walk right in your house.

I LOVE these stories!!! Why don’t I know more! Why are there stories I don’t know???

I was having this conversation with a friend and she told me of how her mother bought a journal for her grandmother one year for her to write in. She wrote many of her stories down and dedicated it to her great-grandson. I absolutely am going to do this. I am going to be looking for journals to send all 3 of my grandparents. I LOVE all of their stories, but I can’t remember them all. And I know there are some they haven’t told me yet.

I keep a journal now for each of my kids. However, it’s all about them. Things they say that make me laugh–crazy things they do. I write letters to them. But I don’t really tell them about me… Maybe I should—-maybe someday, one of my great grandchildren will have a homework assignment that somehow comes back to me—and the time I had cat scratch fever, or poked a hole through my lip with loppers, or let my brother give me a beautiful haircut….


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