I feel like I have a lot to write about, but not yet. Sometimes I am torn about just HOW personal this should be. I don’t mind writing personal things about myself, but what about my kids. Am I respecting their privacy enough? Will they be mortified one day that I broadcast their every embarrassing moment… I don’t know…

What I can say is we have been VERY busy (as usual) with the following:
-finishing soccer (hooray it’s done!!! We have few weeks to breathe before indoor soccer starts—however, that is only for Supergirl, is only one game per week and has no practice…)
-dance (although she dropped one class that was on a night all by itself, so one more weeknight free!!! AND she was just in her very last parade of the season)
-dogs—mostly just watching them, they are truly a never ending source of entertainment
-school-they have both had homework, granted Boomer only had it once but still… Supergirl has to write a letter that is 1 1/2 pages long this week—front and back!!!
-Thanksgiving eating and Christmas shopping
-Recommitting (for the 523rd time) to working out. Just finished my 3rd day in a row 🙂 Also, trying new workouts—maybe more on that later—maybe not…
-Dog obedience classes 🙂


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