I am a Christian. I grew up going to a Methodist Church and have attended off and on as an adult. Daddy-O does not really consider himself religious and does not go to church. Sometimes I struggle with getting myself and the kids to church, and have really not been doing a good job of it at all lately. However, I obviously do not think that is the end-all-be-all of their moral or religious upbringing. I do find, though, that it helps me stay grounded.

Tonight I brought up the subject of prayer with the kids at dinner. More out of curiosity than any sort of teachable moment. I simply asked if they ever pray. I pray, but I never do it in front of them, so it is not something I would say I am very good at modeling. Honestly, it is not something I would say I am good at period, but I do feel it is important.

So Supergirl said yes, that she sometimes talks to God and asks him to please take good care of our 3 dogs that have died. I said that is a very good prayer and I am sure that he is, and it is very nice that she is still thinking about them.

Boomer then says he also prays. When I asked him what about he told me he tells God thank you that he has a sister and a mom and a dad and dogs. He is thankful that he has a family.

I was very much caught off guard. I was truly expecting something much more shallow, a ‘thank you for my bicycle but can I please have a bigger one’ kind of thing, if anything at all. But I guess I forgot just how huge this kid’s heart is. Both of their hearts… They truly are good people.

I am thankful!!!


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