Last year I posted a few goals for the year. You can find them here.

I thought it would be interesting to see how I did. Here is what I had to say:

It’s January, time to regroup and recommit. I can’t believe how fast this school year is flying by!
Regroup: The kids and I are all at school everyday (btw the kids both absolutely LOVE their school, but I’ll save that for another post). Then flag football was on Tuesday, soccer practice on Wednesday, dance on Thursday, soccer and birthday parties every weekend. I find myself working hard to make sure we all have some balance. That the kids have ample quiet family time. That their dad and I have some ‘us’ time. That I have some quiet alone time (that’s often the hardest). That we eat dinner at the table each night and talk about nothing and everything. I never planned to be a soccer mom, but here I am—I don’t want our family to be defined by their activities. I don’t my children to feel they are defined by their activities. They are more than that, we are more than that. But I also want them to learn about teamwork, about winning AND losing, about commitment, and to have a lot of fun with friends in the process. Time to take a deep breath and start the road to summer!

[I posted about this issue not too long ago. It is something I find I still struggle with, although it varies with the season. This year we had 2 kids in soccer, plus dance—but no flag football. So all in all, it was probably just as busy as last year. Although for the last month we have had NO sports, and only ONE dance class. So we have had quite a bit of breathing room. I do feel we do a good job of having dinner together at the table every night. At least 90% of the time. I do not foresee that changing over the next year :)]

Recommit: I actually enjoyed running. I was so proud of my progress. I enjoyed the outside runs, I had time to think. And I enjoyed the energy and weightloss. But, then winter happened. I DON’T enjoy being cold, so outside runs have ended. And I’m not crazy about the treadmill, so running has ended. I signed up for a stairclimb (again, crazy impulsive idea) and started a workout that included stairs and weights, did very well during November and early December, but then Christmas happened. And I did nothing but eat. So now it’s time to recommit. I want to keep doing my stair workout but also feel like I really NEED to start running again. So I’m officially starting my motivation/punishment system again. No workout=no itouch the next day. Workout for 2 weeks=someone to clean my house… I am still trying to figure out that last part but hope to have it all figured out this week. I want to do a decent job on the stair climb and I am CONSIDERING a mud run in May…
I also need to recommit to eating better. I was doing a great job on the kids lunches at the beginning of the year, but have fallen back on lunchables and uncrustables. Time to go back to my weekly menu and better preparation. Same goes for my own lunches (and breakfast and dinner). I will be making a grocery list today along with a menu.

[Stair climb was completed successfully, and with friends! I definitely plan to do that again this year. No mud runs, but maybe it will happen this year. Honestly it is not high on my priority list but it would be fun to do. I did manage to stick with running. Sort of. I am definitely not addicted to running, or a consistent runner. But I haven’t quit. I completed my first 5k with no walking just this summer. I completed my first ever half marathon this fall (although that was with a LOT of walking). Overall I can say I do enjoy running… sometimes. Specifically outside, and if the weather is nice. 🙂 I enjoy 5k’s and definitely plan to do more this year. No more half marathons, but maybe a 10k…
My reward/punishment idea did not last very long. I have still NEVER had someone clean my house. Even when I earned it. I am too worried about them seeing how messy my house really is. Stupid, yes. I am trying my new reward/punishment idea with stickk.com this year. I am on week 3 and had 2 successful weeks followed by a failure week. However, I have a lot of excuses about this last week (more on that later) but in the end they are only excuses.
Eating healthy. Ha. I really don’t have much to say on that topic. I suck at it. I don’t like healthy food. I am very good at sabotaging any effort I make at making better food choices.
Meal planning. This is something I think really helps. And is do-able. IF I would just do it. I was never consistent. I simply just didn’t do it. Must be better!]

So here’s to the new year. Time to go to the grocery store followed by a run

So that was last year. Here I am, one year older and wiser. So what now?

Regroup: I would like to get a better handle on the domestic side of life. Mostly my organization. Number one–meal planning. Ideally, I would make a weekly plan and grocery list on the weekend. Shopping would get done on Sunday or Monday and dinners would be a snap because I would already know what we are having. Super-ideally these meals would be incredibly healthy with less processed food. Baby steps. I did try to sign up for the menu-mailer at savingdinner.com. However, I can honestly say I have no idea how it works. I only signed up for it today. I don’t know what day I should expect the menu, but as of right now I have nothing. Which doesn’t help much… Hopefully something useful happens with that.
Number two–cleaning. I would like to get back in the swing of flylady. She revamped her website and I like it much better. I must simply make it a habit. I would also like to get someone to clean our house. The dusting, mopping, window-cleaning sort of jobs. I currently have $40 saved up from my workout deal with myself (after 2 successful weeks). I consider this the housecleaner fund. My first priority is to actually find someone willing to clean my house, find out What they will do and how much it will COST…

Recommit: To being healthy. And skinny. And fabulous. 🙂 I would love to change my diet, but I am taking one step at a time… Step one will be drink more water and tea and less soda. Or at least less regular soda. My problem with cutting out soda (other than the ridiculous love I have for Dr. Pepper) is that I get headaches without caffeine. And I hate coffee, so can’t use that as a replacement…
Working out is forever a challenge. Starting tomorrow I am going to do Insanity. I am a nervous wreck. This last month I have done the fit test and the first two work outs just to see what they are like. They are definitely hard. But do-able… I am mostly nervous about the 6 days a week for 2 months part of the commitment. That’s a big commitment for me. But it will be worth it… Because I will look amazing in March… Right?!?!?!

This time next year I am sure I will read this (15 pounds lighter) and feel SO proud of myself and the year I have had 🙂


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