Passion vs Practicality

A few years ago I wrote down some goals for myself. What I wanted in life, how I felt I could contribute, where I fit in the grand scheme of things…

Just a few weeks ago I found the tiny paper I had used to write all of those big dreams. And I was disappointed with myself. I am no closer to my passion than I was when I wrote it. I have not taken any steps (even baby ones) in that direction.

My work goal is to specialize in grief work. This is where my heart is, where I see that I have something to give.

I had written steps and dreams, such as take classes, get training, someday volunteer internationally to work with grieving children.

Over 5 years have gone by and I have not so much as been to even one workshop on grief. Nothing.

I like my job. I get to help kids who are having a lot of problems. I get to try to help a system that I feel has a lot of problems. But the biggest benefit is that I get to spend a lot of time being a parent.

In the end that is my most important job. It trumps everything else. So when I consider how I could work closer to my passion I find that it often includes a sacrifice in my parenting time. And I don’t think I can do that. Not right now.


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