Meal Plan

Last weekend I didn’t get around to meal planning. Not good. This resulted in the following (From Monday through today):

Drive Thru Breakfast-3
Out for lunch-4
Fast Food Dinner-1

Now, I don’t mind having drive thru once a week for breakfast, although my breakfast of choice is a bagel and dr. pepper, which equals 550 calories!!! But 3 times is ridiculous. And I have no excuse because I HAD cereal, oatmeal and eggs at home… Lunch–again, I say once a week is ok, 4 times I can’t even really talk about. Dinner was ok because Daddy-O pulled through and made spaghetti, roast, and smoked sausage, then we had home made pizza instead of take out.

This week I vowed to get back on track, but step things up. I planned not just dinners but also my breakfast AND lunches 🙂 I do tend to get off schedule by a meal or two each week, but I’m pretty flexible and it doesn’t upset me too much…

So here goes:

Special K protein plus cereal
Kashi Blueberry Waffles
Egg, Ham, & Cheese burrito
(These can repeat and go in no particular order–it’s just my menu to choose from each morning…)

The rest is actually scheduled—starting with dinner tonight:

Frozen Lasagna & Garlic Bread

Lunch–Skinny Chicken Waldorf Salad (I plan to make this tonight)
Kids Lunch–PB&J (I bought special peanut free peanut butter for Boomer as his class is a peanut free room—let’s hope he likes it)
Dinner–Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets; Baked Zucchini Sticks

Lunch–Skinny Chicken Waldorf Salad
Kids Lunch–Breakfast for lunch (waffles, muffins, bacon, hard boiled egg)
Dinner–Enchiladas (Old El Paso Enchilada Kit); Cheese Dip for kids; Guacamole for me

Lunch–Leftover Enchiladas and guacamole
Kids Lunch–Lunchable (I’m trying hard to cut down on these)
Dinner–Italian Pork Loin (Store bought—just need to cook it); Roasted Parmesan Green Beans (I made this yesterday and they are my new favorite food in the world!)

Lunch–Leftover Pork & Green Beans
Kids Lunch–Chef Boyardee Letters
Dinner–Breakfast for Dinner; Bacon, Eggs, Waffles or Pancakes…

Lunch–this is our day out
Kids Lunch–Strawberry & Cream Cheese roll up

Dinner–Pork Steaks; Mashed Red Potatoes with Garlic & Parmesan

**Also to try this week–probably today: Green Monster Smoothie

We tried the Green Smoothie and it was delicious! I did not show the kids what went into it, so they were actually willing to try it, and both liked it!!! It tasted like banana, and milk…
Also—we made mini apple pies. Ridiculously delicious!!!


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  1. legacyandlunacy
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 22:15:34

    This weekend my mom stayed with us, as did Cody, Gus, Gracie, and Nathaniel had two friends over for the night. Saturday we had manicotti for dinner, Sunday breakfast was scrambled eggs, Lani bread toast, and cereal for those who wanted, Sunday lunch was ham, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and more Lani bread. I’m stuffed. Oh yes, we did eat out Friday night: catfish!


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