My first Pinterest project!!!

I love Pinterest and have many pins that “someday” I am going to make. Of course, that has never actually happened yet.
Until today people!!!! Today I made something in real life!!!

I found this chore chart and absolutely loved it—but was a bit overwhelmed with the metal and cutting (although the metal was a big part of why I loved it). I would still like to make it exactly as it is someday, but for now I decided to make something I could actually finish. The kids and I made a list of chores, I assigned some prices, then we headed to Hobby Lobby for supplies. We bought a magnetic dry erase board, a wet-erase marker, a fine-tip sharpie, a bag of wooden circles, and some magnets. Grand total=$34.


The plan is that the kids can complete jobs and move the magnet to their box. Some are daily jobs and some can only be done once a week (notice the d or w at the bottom of each magnet). At the end of each day they are to add up what’s in their box and write the total at the bottom. At the end of the week they will get paid. However, they also have ‘expectations.’ These are the jobs we expect them to do and they will not get paid for. This includes putting their dishes away after meals, getting ready for school, putting their backpack, lunch, and other stuff away after school, and cleaning their rooms on the weekend. They will not get paid until all of their expected jobs are done…

I am excited about the chart, but unsure if it’s really going to change the amount of jobs done around here 🙂 I will have to report back soon…

***Supergirl arranged the magnets on the board—so they are not really assigned to each kid—it just looks that way. They can actually each do any of the jobs on the board.
***Our first night has been pretty successful. The windows were washed, mirrors were cleaned, dishwasher unloaded AND loaded, and the downstairs was dusted!!! And I’m only out $1.25! Sweet 🙂


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