Some random updates

I haven’t been posting much of what we have been up to so here are a few things that come to mind (I assure you I am leaving many out):

  • Crossfit.  My latest workout interest.  Yes, I know, it changes monthly, but this is where I am this month.  I am too cheap to pay to go, so I am doing it in our basement.  I have a weightbench, treadmill, pull-up bar, kettlebells, small box, and yoga mat.  That has been enough so far.  I simply go to and find the ‘puppy’ version of the workout of the day.   I love it because: it is strength training and cardio, it is new every day, it is a challenge every day, it is fast, and it makes me feel strong! 🙂
  • Drama Club.  Supergirl joined drama club this year, which was originally going to only be a commitment of Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-5:00.  What we did not know is that all changes when it gets close to show-time…  Last week she was at school Monday-Thursday until 6:00, Friday (they did not have school Friday) and Saturday from 9-4 (although she did miss some due to going home with a friend for a slumber party).  She is supposed to go tomorrow until 7:30 pm and Tuesday until 7pm.  She then has a show Wednesday evening, Thursday evening (which she will be missing) and two on Saturday!  This has been a very long two weeks, and will not be over until Sunday!
  • School.  Only 4 weeks left for me.  That’s all 🙂
  • Eating.  I have fallen apart.  We ate out much more than in last week.  I did manage to go to the grocery store today and am hoping for better results this week…

There’s so much more…  Baseball, dog issues, health issues with extended family, fundraisers, dance, homework, and more…  But I’m tired 🙂  so that will have to come later.


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