Sum-Sum-Summer Time

We survived!!!  I only have 3 days of school left.  The kids have until June 1st (I can’t do that math right now…).  I am SO ready for summer!!!  I am not working summer school this year, so nothing but pure vacation days.  As far as vacation goes, we are going to the beach in June and camping for one night in July—we are getting braver!!! 🙂  Other than that it will be up to me to keep these children busy.  I have been working hard the last week on creating summer activity lists and schedules.  I have narrowed it down to a list of activities for home (crafts, games, etc), a list of places to eat/recipes, and a list of ‘field trips.’  We will have a theme each day:

Monday is a craft day

Tuesday is for reading

Wednesday is for field trips

Thursday is for learning

Friday is for fun

We will draw an activity for each day the weekend before to help know what our week will be like.  I plan to be pretty flexible depending on moods, weather, etc.  On top of this I even have a daily schedule that breaks our day into time for chores, tv time, rest time, learning time, free time, etc.  The template looks like this:

weekly planner

My tentative schedule is:

8:00-9:30-Get dressed, breakfast, tv/free time

9:30-10:00-Daily chore (I think it will be one of the following-gather laundry from room, pick up toys in room, make bed, clean off dresser/nightstand, chore choice from the chore chart)  They are always welcome to add chores from the chore chart if they would like some money 🙂

10:00-11:30-Outside/Exercise (going for a walk, riding bikes, jump ropes, scooters, hopscotch, playing in the backyard, etc)


12:30-1:30-Rest (I may make this longer–still undecided)

1:30-2:30-Brain time (I found an 8 week learning schedule and modified for each kid—basically they will have a math job, reading job, writing/spelling/vocabulary job, and the world around us job each week—with all week to complete it; in addition we have the workbooks you can by at the bookstore that they love—plus reading and/or boardgames)


3:00-5:00-Activity of the day (whatever we draw from the jar)

5:00-6:00-TV/Free time

6:00-7:00 Dinner

7:00 to Bedtime-TV/Free time

Obviously things like a field trip would change this, but I am ok with that–we can factor those in at the beginning of the week and still have a good idea of how our week will go.  I am going to hang the calendar up each week so we all know what is happening.  We have 3 weeks of summer before vacation—I am hoping this lasts at least that long 🙂


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