Official start of summer vacation

My kids finished school on Friday, which means tomorrow is day 1 of summer vacation.  I have  our first week’s schedule ready to go:

My biggest concern right now is whether it is TOO scheduled.  I plan to be flexible depending on the moods of the kids and how tired they are.  I am also concerned there is not time for me.  I realize this sounds  a little selfish—but there is no time for working out, running errands, doing the various things I will need to get done.  I plan to see how this week goes and go from there.

We drew our activity and field trip out of my fancy jars (will have to get pics of those later).  This weeks activity is making a memory game and field trip is going to a local cavern for a cave tour.

Here is the list of our activities to choose from:

I realize we won’t get to all of these this summer and that’s ok.  I didn’t show the list of activities or field trips to the kids, that way they have no idea what’s in store.  They also have no idea what things we didn’t get to—so no reason to whine 🙂

This week will also include dance recital and all things that go with it (pictures and rehearsal) along with a visit from my family.  Week 1 is looking busy 🙂

I also found it hard to stick with the ‘theme’ of the day and instead added weekly homework along with homework time scheduled in.  They each get a homework page and a nifty summer journal 🙂

So—here’s to summer 🙂  May it be full of fun, surprises, memory-making, and laughter…


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